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Project Izona Ref Sheet - Gabe Thompson :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 7 4 Project Izona Ref Sheet - Layla Thompson :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 10 3 Smashing Adopts! Group 1 :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 3 0 Hybridverse is Back! (No Bottom Text) :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 5 1 The Hybridverse is Back! :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 8 5 Layne Thompson :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 4 11
Project Izona Oneshot: The Arrival of the Ozkvin
Several months after the Reawakening, Layla just wanted to kick back and relax after a job well done. Of course, a Thompson doesn't get any rest. A small pod from space crash landed outside the city of Clearwater, and Layla was the one who took the initiative to check it out. When she arrived at the pod, it was already opened up. Layla was cautious of course, but she was secretly excited at the prospect of aliens making contact with her world. Inside of the pod was a small collection of syringes. What could these be for? Layla thought. She picked one up and checked it out, seeing a small button of the side of it that obviously wasn't the plunger. She pressed the button... and something amazing happened. A hologram burst forth from the little syringe displaying a bizarre alien creature... and it began to speak.
"Czik kiknaor sicra... Language detected. Hello. By the time this message reaches you, my species... my planet... my legacy... will be gone. I have sent out thousands o
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 3 3
Smash DA ID :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 8 15 Smash Confirmed for Smash! Wallpaper :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 10 4
Pokemon: A New Evolution (Chapter 9)
Chapter 9: The Setup
By SmashUniverse64
“What…” Emma said.
“Is...” Lil followed.
“That?” Danielle finished as Zoey led a strange creature out of the trees. Danielle was in awe. She’d never seen anything like it. “Holy Surskit...”
It looked very much like a Zoroark, especially with Zoey standing right next to it, but it’s body structure was completely different. It looked like some kind of hybrid between a Zoroark and a human. It had the long mane, claws, and black and grey fur of a Zoroark, but it wasn’t hunched over like one. It stood tall on two legs like a human, and it had the proportions to match. It was obviously female, as evidenced by the modestly large breasts and the wide hips. It was the most bizarre thing Danielle had ever seen. Zoey smiled at the human girls before gesturing to the creature, who was blushing profusely.

“Lil, Emma, Danielle. I’d
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 13 7
Pokemon: Live Wires (Chapter 1)
Chapter I: The Origin
“Oh, wazzat!?” I shouted as the sound of the waves of the nearby coast crashed up against the cliff. I realized that the ocean had woken me up again, and I grimaced. “Damn it… Oh, well. I needed to be awake anyway.”
I climbed out of my small twin sized bed (I couldn’t afford a better one) and dragged my tired self into my small living room. For being such a small house, it was a pretty homely place. A small TV sat in front of a blue couch. I loved sitting there because of the sliding door that had a great view of the ocean. It was` one of the few comforts about living in Dewford Town. I walked over to the sliding door and opened it slightly.
“Ah…” A gentle breeze blew across my face as the warmth of the sun touched my pale skin. I didn’t get outside much, but this was a beautiful day indeed. “What a wonderful kind of day to stay inside and do nothing
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 16 5
See You Again (Ash to Anthro Goodra TF/TG)
See You Again
By SmashUniverse64
Requested by PokemonForever9000
“Ah…” the trainer said as he sat in the warm water. “After all those years of traveling, I can finally settle down.” Ash Ketchum was in absolute bliss as he relaxed in his hot tub. The night in Kanto was dark, but the light of the full moon illuminated his back porch.
“Pika!” Ash turned his head at the small voice as the sliding door opened.
“Oh, hey buddy!” Ash said, giving a little wave. The Electric Mouse Pokémon smiled wide back at him. “You liking the new place?”
“Pika Pi!” Pikachu replied as he closed the door. When he saw his friend and master in the hot tub, Pikachu suddenly wanted a part of it. He jumped onto the side of the tub before slowly sliding into it. “Pi~!”
“Yeah, that feels nice, doesn’t it?” Ash said. He patted the top of Pikachu’s head as he melted into the reju
:iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 33 23
May the Great Pyrenees (Flat Colored) :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 7 34 May the Great Pyrenees (Sketch) :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 1 0 Aaron/Erin the Dragonite :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 25 1 Erin Being Cute :iconsmashuniverse46:SmashUniverse46 14 1

Art Featuring My Characters

Layla White Kitty Keyhole Lingerie [4/7] :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 18 4
Mature content
Layla Tease (alt) :icongyro-furry:Gyro-Furry 86 5
Commission Serena :icondeerrobin:DeerRobin 39 13 Layla Tease :icongyro-furry:Gyro-Furry 73 4 Layla [3/7] :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 19 7 Layla [2/7] :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 11 2
Mature content
Hot Layla :icondreameclipsewolf:DreamEclipseWolf 64 10
Fish Custom (Comm.) :icon18gingasoldier:18Gingasoldier 3 0 [COM] Layla 'Jaws of Death' Thompson :iconcyborg-lucario:Cyborg-Lucario 2 2
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peeping on Layla :iconramoncrimson935:RamonCrimson935 84 10
Layla [1/7] :icondeliveredmean42:Deliveredmean42 20 21 Mia the bunny :icondeerrobin:DeerRobin 23 9 commission Ira :icondeerrobin:DeerRobin 23 8 Layla [Request] :iconvulpartic:Vulpartic 3 15 Patreon reward: Yuki Hana :icondeerrobin:DeerRobin 63 19 Candice :icongyro-furry:Gyro-Furry 41 5
All of the art featuring my characters!


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United States
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Sup bro. I'm SmashUniverse64, but you already knew that if you read under the name up there.

I love to write, make videos on my YouTube channel, try (and suck) at drawing, making music, playing in the band, and just living life to the fullest. Oh, and play a crapton of video games.

My most popular series is currently Pokémon: A New Evolution, a series in which a seasoned male trainer gets unexpectedly transformed into a female human-Zoroark hybrid. Thus, he and his Pokémon go on a great journey to discover the truth and hopefully return back to his normal self. Sound cool? Dang right, it sounds cool. My friend crazedfoxmrn works on P:ANE with me, and he is writing another super cool Pokémon fanfic you should really check out!

The lovely artwork featured in the cover art of P:ANE is by :iconzinzoa:. Check his stuff out. It rocks.

That sweet icon up there, plus the images in the journal skin are made by :icondeerrobin:. His stuff is super good. Check it out!

The Ask Aaron the Hybrid has been overhauled to become Ask The Hybrids! Now you can ask all of my Hybridverse characters questions! 

14 deviants said Yay!
6 deviants said *goes immediately to ask a question*
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Help me commission more art for Pokémon: A New Evolution!

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The link is now open forever!


1. Respect the admins and moderators.

2. Do not spam any channel with excessive repeated text or links.

3. Do not post NSFW images or videos or links to NSFW images or videos.

4. Keep roleplaying relegated to the roleplay channels and not the general channel.

5. In roleplay channels, no godmodding or powerplaying.

6. Do not engage in NSFW roleplay in the public channels. Take it to DMs please.

RP Guidelines:

- While you are not required to create new characters for Izona RP, it is highly recommended that you do so that you may engross yourself in the world. Use this template as an example for character creation:

- When creating characters, all animal species on this Earth are fair game. The only things that aren't allowed are dragons (for lore reasons) and hybrid species (also for lore reasons). Otherwise, pick any animal you like. And yes, insects are allowed too.

- Please no godlike/blatantly overpowered characters. I know that might be a little much to ask, but we don't need anymore super powered characters in Izona. There are plenty of animal spirits there who would disapprove.

- While each RP channel has a basic prompt with descriptions of locations and landmarks in each city/area, feel free to have fun making up locations for your RPs. If your ideas are good enough, the admin might choose to make it a permanent location in the RP.

- Most importantly, have fun! Izona RP intends to be as free form, but remember to follow the rules.

Please enjoy your stay in Izona!

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I feel really bad having to announce this... but I'm putting up my PayPal link here on my page in case you guys feel like helping me out. College is expensive, yo!



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